• Reviewed by: MLEE071390  on: 2015-10-07T11:49:58
    I ordered online for the first time with you guys today and selected for delivery. I was very excited to see that you have this option now, but my order was not complete. I ordered the lunch special and it says it comes with cream cheese wontons or soup, well I selected cream cheese wontons and when I opened the bag, the wontons were not there and I ended up waiting an hour and a half just to get HALF of my order delivered to me. I don't have an issue with waiting for my food since it's being delivered, but if I do have to wait for my food, I do expect to receive my complete order; this was a very poor experience.
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  • Reviewed by: mdma420  on: 2015-04-18T00:04:30
    I would like to place a large order (over $100) and was wondering if I could have it delivered to my workplace in downtown St Paul? If yes, what is your delivery fee ? I would come in and pay this weekend and like it to be delivered on Monday, April 20th around 12 noon. Thank YouMarcia Anderson
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