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  • Reviewed by:   on: 2014-03-19T02:31:53
  • Reviewed by: Katetosca  on: 2014-03-03T08:03:22
    Food was great. We would like to see banquet menu and pricing for our upcoming event. Thanks
  • Reviewed by: she_mitchell  on: 2014-02-22T11:09:52.348-08:00
    I was in your restaurant for take-out, and l watch your cashier and helper put together some wontons
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  • Reviewed by: lalves  on: 2014-02-06T19:30:20
    Dear Sale Manager, I would like to speak to someone in your sales department. We are a distributor serving Asian and Latin America. I have a few questions about your products. Thank you.Kind regards, Liam Liam AlvesGlobal Buying Specialist, Latin America RL LIMA- Latin AmericaAv. Pres. Vargas, 934- CentroRio de Janeiro20071-000, Brazil Phone: 888.995.7917Email: lalves@rllima.comWeb:
  • Reviewed by: kellkat888  on: 2014-01-28T17:02:23
    I ordered my food and asked for it to be spicy. When I got it, it was no where near spicy it was rather bland. I called them to complain and the lady asks me what do I want her to do about it, Then she hands the phone to a guy and when I explain to him that I am not happy with what I got and why; he then asks me the same thing then tells me to put chili pepper on it. well, I don't have any chili pepper and furthermore, if I wanted to make my own I wouldn't have called and placed an order and spent money.
  • Reviewed by: Arielxbrooksx  on: 2014-01-27T13:26:50.801-08:00
    Worst Chinese food I've ever had. I ordered the shrimp and vegetables and got a total of 4 shrimp (o
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  • Reviewed by: Chandler4sho  on: 2014-01-01T17:26:18
    Your delivery driver from tonight sucks.I've been ordering from you guys a bunch! With great service from the older black delivery driver.This young kid with the ponytail was very unprofessional! I totally understand you guys are very busy tonight.I waited for 1hour and 45 minutes after I got ths confirmation e-mail.Your driver calls says im in the lobby, I politely ask who is this, he replies, you order Chinese? HURRY UP I'm busy.Really wasn't phased much at this point.I understandhe's probably stressed! I get to him he tells me the price.I hand him the money, he proceeds to just leave, I say excuse me, I need some change please.this is what irritated me....hey no tip bro? It's new years man? I look at him and say $8 dollars for a tip.he then says its new year's man.After about 4 minutes of staring at each other he reaches in his pocket and pretty much throws the change at me.I will never have food delivered from there again! Also I'm letting everybody here at Catholic Charities now how your driver acted!!!!
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