• Reviewed by:   on: 2014-06-28T01:05:04
  • Reviewed by: susanmelius  on: 2014-06-19T22:19:29.422-07:00
    We order from New Asian all the time! It's nothing fancy, but the food is consistently good comfort
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2014-05-23T13:29:04
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2014-04-18T03:12:18
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2014-03-19T02:31:53
  • Reviewed by: Katetosca  on: 2014-03-03T08:03:22
    Food was great. We would like to see banquet menu and pricing for our upcoming event. Thanks
  • Reviewed by: she_mitchell  on: 2014-02-22T11:09:52.348-08:00
    I was in your restaurant for take-out, and l watch your cashier and helper put together some wontons
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2014-02-16T21:03:02
  • Reviewed by: lalves  on: 2014-02-06T19:30:20
    Dear Sale Manager, I would like to speak to someone in your sales department. We are a distributor serving Asian and Latin America. I have a few questions about your products. Thank you.Kind regards, Liam Liam AlvesGlobal Buying Specialist, Latin America RL LIMA- Latin AmericaAv. Pres. Vargas, 934- CentroRio de Janeiro20071-000, Brazil Phone: 888.995.7917Email: lalves@rllima.comWeb:
  • Reviewed by: kellkat888  on: 2014-01-28T17:02:23
    I ordered my food and asked for it to be spicy. When I got it, it was no where near spicy it was rather bland. I called them to complain and the lady asks me what do I want her to do about it, Then she hands the phone to a guy and when I explain to him that I am not happy with what I got and why; he then asks me the same thing then tells me to put chili pepper on it. well, I don't have any chili pepper and furthermore, if I wanted to make my own I wouldn't have called and placed an order and spent money.
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