• Reviewed by: ivco52  on: 2019/5/20 20:35:11
    I wanted to know if you guys had catering prices
  • Reviewed by: slbfkm  on: 2019/5/2 15:15:37
    Sherrie Miller here... Is this website new? I like it!!
  • Reviewed by: laurie.j.klossner  on: 2019/2/26 10:53:54
    It was my first time ordering. The food was good and everyone was satisfied. We will be back. One person wanted to know why you don't have Hot and Spicy chicken on the lunch special menu, though.
  • Reviewed by: beth  on: 2019/2/22 10:15:18
    do you deliver to 2750 north dale st #50 Roseville MN?
  • Reviewed by: ellivuodr  on: 2019/12/19 16:06:37
    Hi, We LOVE the food from New Asia and have been ordering for many years and actually just ordered tonight. Nothing bad to say about the food at all and the prices and portions are great, but I do get frustrated about the online ordering and the occasional omissions. For example, tonight, and to be honest, the last three times I have ordered the Curry chicken, it has not come with the white rice. Tonight, I even put "Please remember to include the white rice with the curry chicken" in the comments section. You also often forget the egg roll with the dinner combos. The times we've called about it, the restaurant has responded positively and sent out another driver with the missing items, but by that time, the family who got their items is already done eating and the other items are cold. Is there any way you can make that easier or better so that it doesn't get overlooked? Just about the only non-great thing I can say about this place. Thank you.
  • Reviewed by: naenae1275  on: 2019/11/27 12:38:18
    I'm pretty sure we ordered the beef lomein yet got chicken chowmein. We always make same order plus or minus one 1 person.
  • Reviewed by: suzannawinter  on: 2018/8/8 21:01:18
    I placed an order 45 minutes ago and received an email confirmation, but no food has been delivered. Please cancel the order. Thank you, Suzanna Winther Order ID: 521780830
  • Reviewed by: amfischer58  on: 2018/7/30 16:53:42
    Awful, awful awful!!! Our meals where probably tasty at lunch time or possibly last week ! We will not order from New Asia ever again!!'
  • Reviewed by: edsfountain  on: 2018/6/21 20:44:22
    I have not received my food, 542 10:41pm...6512169575...I am going to have to call bank in morning to cancel this charge...Call to resolve before I call...Edward
  • Reviewed by: jedolen  on: 2018/3/19 20:43:43
    Food was great and timely -- driver said he "didn't know" if he got the tip that was already included in the bill, so it felt like a surprise extra expense to add another tip on the additional tip line -- please make it clear on your online ordering site whether that tip covers driver or just staff at restaurant. Thanks!
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