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    Dear Sir/ Madam I would like to introduce to you that we are based in UGANDA andSOUTH SUDAN,We well registered company in UGANDA with the registry of companiesunder the company Law Act.We are in needs of buying the below products from your valuedcompany: Agricultural fungicide.So i will be pleased to receive your reply by quoting for us prices ofthe above C
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    FYI: Your website says that dinner special comes "w. Beef or Chicken Fried Rice
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    I have ordered from you guys since you opened and this is the third time that you have mixed up my order. Your worker argued with me about my order and he finally sent me the right order but not the complete lunch order of roast pork lo mein. I did not get my rice just the lo mein. I am very sorry that I need to part ways with your restaurant. I always gave a good tip. To be disrespected by one of your employer is not worth my money. This incident happened on April 18, 2016.
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